Saturday, July 14, 2012

"Midway" Mixed media on board 24"x30"

Donated to the Midway Media Project

Inspired to paint this after seeing “The Midway Journey” by Chris Jordan and Jan Vozenilek.
I have called this painting “Midway” not just because of where this atrocity is happening but the word midway also describes a middle course of action or thought. 

Midway Atoll is located near the apex of what is being called the Pacific Garbage Patch, a swirling 
soup of millions of tons of plastic pollution. In fact, much of this plastic can not be seen at all, but it can’t be avoided as it comes ashore on these formerly pristine beaches and in the stomachs of the birds. The islands are literally covered with plastic garbage, illustrating on several levels the interconnectedness and interdependence of the systems on our 
finite planet.

The plastic pieces in this painting are actual items found in an albatross’ stomach.

This painting has been donated to The Midway Media Project.

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